LEGO donates $50 million to coronavirus efforts

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Arguably the most popular toy brand in the world, LEGO, has recently announced how it plans to help when it comes to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Danish company will tackle the issue in two ways: with financial contributions to efforts directly fighting COVID-19, and a new initiative called “Let’s Build Together”.

On the money side of things the company has started off with a $50 million (~R899.5 million) donation to various organisations working right now to combat COVID-19.

“The donation will be split between three groups of partners. They are: Education Cannot Wait, which provides education for children caught in emergencies and protracted crises; a selection of existing LEGO Foundation partners whose work with children and families is under additional pressure from COVID-19; and charity partners serving communities where the LEGO Group has a significant presence. Our aim is to urgently reach crisis-affected children with essential supplies and provide support to continue learning through play,” reads an announcement from the company.

Next up is the Let’s Play Together programme which is intended to keep kids busy and engaged during quarantine and lockdown while schools are closed.

It does this by challenging kids, adults and anyone else to break out the LEGO and other DIY crafts to make something new while stuck at home.

This consists of themed builds and building ideas which are shared on social media, prompting those reading to post what they have made.

Let’s Play Together has actually been going on for a good while now on LEGO’s various social media platforms. The most recent one, on Twitter for example, tasks readers with making a castle, which is a toy staple.

The various arms of the toy company’s online presence has been active in recent times not just to drive up engagement, but to offer up an escape during the pandemic. It’s also doing other things such as running polls on readers’ favourite minifigures.

More information about the Let’s Play Together initiative can be found on its official site.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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