5 reasons why creators reach for LaCie Rugged SSDs to handle their storage needs

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They say that any business today is a digital business. The same can be said for content creators. It’s not simply that they create content for digital medium and platforms, but they also create data – whether that be videos, photos, scripts, websites or anything else that leverages technology.

That data needs to be stored somewhere safe and easily accessible, which is why any content creator is in need of a good storage device. For content creators working outdoors and making media where action sports are involved, a rugged form of storage is equally important.

In fact, ruggedised storage solutions stand to benefit all forms of content creator, not just the ones on the go, which is why LaCie’s line of Rugged SSDs have become the go-to offering for many.

Here’s five reasons why content creators reach for a LaCie Rugged SSD when they are reaching for a storage device.

Uncompromisable durability

LaCie designs its Rugged SSDs to go where you do, and as such they feature a number of features to ensure they are always working regardless of many knocks, tumbles or spills they take.

Proof of this is the IP67-rated waterproofness that the range touts, along with being drop, dust and crush resistant. It means even when creating content in testing conditions, or simply when you’re a little accident prone, the Rugged SSDs from LaCie will not leave you or your data in the lurch.

Added to this is a compact and sturdy design, which is matched by the now iconic rubberised casing which keeps the SSDs secure.

Need for speed

Being tough and hard wearing is just one aspect to the LaCie Rugged lineup, with speed given an equally important billing.

To that end the French firm has seen fit to offer a few different speedy transfer options and features across the Rugged range. In some cases it even boasts an NVMe design for select SSD models, such as the professional grade SSD Pro 1 TB STHZ1000800, which clocks a rapidly impressive maximum transfer speed of 2 800MB/s.

LaCie also has a number of different storage sizes across the range to meet your specific needs, starting off at 500GB and topping out at 8TB on the Rugged RAID Shuttle 8 TB STHT8000800 model.

In the field

Looking at more of the features that LaCie has imbued in the Rugged SSD range, and it’s clear to see that they are perfect for those working in the field, which is yet another reason why content creators reach for this brand.

In terms of connectivity, there are options which cater to Thunderbolt, USB 3.0 and USB Type-C. This is crucially important as different hardware manufacturers enjoy using different types of ports on their devices, and as such creators need an SSD which can handle any port requirements that their arsenal of gear demands.

Added to this is the ability to back up files from SD cards or a smaller USB storage device, not to mention being able to view vital information while transferring data, such as progress, SSD capacity and battery life.

It’s also worth highlighting the innovative LaCie Boss app, available on both iOS and Android, and allowing users to organise footage right then and there.

Securing your stories

Well aware of the growing need to secure your data, LaCie has been quick to introduce government-grade (AES-265) encryption to some of the newer models of Rugged SSD.

Assisting in that regard is Seagate’s Secure Technology, which helps to ensure that there is no unauthorised access of your storage device.

This is critically important, given the value that many content creators place on their intellectual property, which is often their livelihood in many instances.

As such the LaCie Rugged SSD range has put security of your data front of mind, so you can get on with creating captivating content.

Recovering what was once lost

The last reason why LaCie Rugged SSDs are industry-trusted are the fail safes that the French company makes available to content creators.

On the off chance that a natural disaster damages your storage device, several models in the lineup feature Rescue Data Recovery Services.

Throughout the lifetime of your SSDs coverage, LaCie will offer one in-lab recovery service to attempt to rescue that critical data, and potentially save you money and several headaches in the process.

To find out more about LaCie’s Rugged SSD lineup, as well as any of its other storage solutions, contact local distributor Rectron, here.



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