Doom Eternal will have solid FPS on all consoles save for Switch

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We’re very close to the release of Doom Eternal and now we have some solid figures about the performance of the title on consoles.

Billy Khan, lead engine programmer at id Software, has confirmed that the game will run at 60 FPS on all consoles on Twitter (embed below).

The Nintendo switch port has been confirmed to run on the Nintendo Switch at 30 FPS.

The exact resolutions for all these ports has not been revealed yet, however.

While confirmed FPS performance would be great on its own, Khan has revealed some other interesting details.

An FOV slider is present in all the console ports, again excluding the Switch. Khan points to a video showing off the UI and accessibility options for the title for more information.

Those who played the 2016 Doom may find all of this familiar as the performance metrics and options were very similar if not the same. This is no surprise as Doom Eternal is very much a sequel based on the same tech, but nowadays you can’t take anything for granted when it comes to sequels.

Those picking up the game on consoles come 20th March can at least have some peace of mind when they pick it up  but, as always, we recommend waiting for some initial reviews and coverage of the launch version of the game before spending any money.

Finally, it’s worth touching on the PC version. Recently the requirements to run the title were added to Steam before being removed. Images of this were captured before being deleted, but we assume that they will be changed before release, which is why they were removed in the first place. Even if these requirements are lowered, they are / were respectable.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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