Here’s the story behind that Daisy painting in Doom Eternal

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This article contains minor spoilers about Doom Eternal 

Since launching last Friday the world has been pumping hours into Doom Eternal. One extremely pleasing bit of set dressing that many players may have noticed is a lovely painting of the Doom Slayer and his pet rabbit Daisy which can be found in the Fortress of Doom.

After finding this painting a short time into the game we simply assumed it was created by one of the members of developer id Software, but that turns out to not be the case.

Artist Ian Nielsen, who goes by the handle Xous54 online, took to Twitter recently to explain how his piece of fan art made it into the game.

“I am beyond honored to have my art appear in @DOOM Eternal, in the Slayer’s room. It still doesn’t feel real. It means so much to me, and I am forever thankful,” Nielsen writes.

When we called the piece of art a painting we really meant it, as the original version of this is a piece of 16″ X 20″ canvas painted with acrylics.

It was uploaded to ArtStation a couple of years ago by Nielsen, together with a gif showing the progress of the piece from start to finish. Simply titled “Doom Slayer and Daisy”, this piece was inspired by the 2016 game.

An image of the painting is embedded below. Click on it to be taken to the ArtStation page where you can see it at full resolution, together with the process gif.

As for how the painting went from ArtStation to being in Doom Eternal, Nielsen states that a member of id Software was gathering Doom fan art and he was alerted to that fact. From there it was added into the game.

“When making this painting I never dreamed it would lead to this. DOOM 2016 revitalized me as an artist, it got me out of a dark time where I had begun questioning even continuing to seriously pursue art. To have this piece honored in such a way is touching beyond words,” Nielsen adds.

Fans of what they see here will be happy to know that this isn’t the only piece of Doom art he has created. he has made many more since 2016 and some even feature more of Daisy.

If you’re currently playing Doom Eternal but have not spotted the painting yet, it can be found in the Fortress of Doom immediately after unlocking this hub world. You’ll need to head down a bit from where you start in the bridge section. The painting is on the left wall of the Doom Slayer’s room, which features the shelves of collected toys and 3D models of all unlocked guns.

Here’s where it is on the minimap:

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