Here’s your last look at Doom Eternal before launch

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The Doom Eternal hype train is finally pulling into the station next week when it launches on 20th March 2020. Despite being a week from release publisher Bethesda has debuted a launch trailer for the title, which should be the last we see of the game before it is out in the wild.

In terms of new stuff to gawk over there is quite a lot despite the fact that this trailer is relatively short at just under two minutes.

We get to see a demon wreaking havoc in a human city, some new enemy types, quotes from various outlets who have played the game already, and the general chaos that we have come to expect from these games.

Of particular note here is a mysterious voice calling the character “Great Slayer”. From the 2016 Doom we know that the Doomguy (who is officially called “Doom Slayer” now) is a storied warrior feared throughout hell, but we don’t recall him ever being referred to by this specific honorific.

From the other voiceover in the game we can tell that Doomguy / Doom Slayer / Great Slayer is really the centre of the story here. Will that may be a bit of “duh” statement to make, we know that Doom Eternal will see players fighting the forces of hell as well as those of heaven. Seeing that the latter enemies here also hold Doomguy in such high regard will be interesting to see.

Outside of this trailer the last piece of news we got for the game before this was that of player customisation, which included exclusive loot for Twitch prime subscribers. We fully expect Twitch and YouTube to be flooded with streams and videos about this game when it launches, and we’re excited to see that happen with Doomguy dressed up as a unicorn.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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