The Skull Splitter from Call of Duty is a stunning 3D print

The Call of Duty series has produced a lot of interesting weapons over the years with a dedicated community who has been taking weapons seen in-game and realising them as 1:1 3D prints. The latest in that endeavour is the Skull Splitter mace from Black Ops III.

Thingiverse user Anonymoose3d is behind this project, and was kind enough to tell us how it came together.

“When using this weapon in the video game I would think to myself, it would be so cool to have this thing in real life. I started designing and making the original measurements in 2016. I would use theater mode to zoom and rotate the camera to make detailed traces/drawings. On the Nuketown map there is a paper towel roll in one of the kitchens and used that as a measurement tool / reference,” Anonymoose3d tells us about the start of all of this.

Using these measurements a blueprint for the Skull Splitter was made but left dormant for a while as ideas about how to make the weapon were thrown around. Initially this was intended to be done with PVC piping and foam, but 3D printing was decided on instead.

SketchUp was used as the CAD software here, which presented some troubles due to the unique shapes here as well as Anonymoose3d’s inexperience with the software.

Despite this the blueprints made earlier helped bring things together and then it was time to print. After running things through Slic3r, the collection of pieces here took a combined 124 hours to complete.

After some experimenting with prototypes the finishing work of the Skull Splitter you see on this page was done with multiple rounds of spray filler primer and sanding. The handle here is especially impressive as that’s not paint or special filament, but genuine leather straps.

The finished product is a rather large display piece coming in at 1.21 metres long and 21.4 centimetres at its widest point, measuring from blade to blade on the head of the mace, which is one of its most ornate features.

To keep everything nice and rigid a metal pipe runs through the handle of the print, something you won’t be able to see when things are done.

To make your own version of this project grab the files which are available for free from Thingiverse.

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