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Uber Eats makes service free during lunchtime weekdays and adds contactless deliveries

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has meant that many South Africans are opting against heading to restaurants, especially given the advisement from the presidency at the weekend for large gatherings.

As a result small businesses may suffer, so it’s pleasing to see Uber Eats announce some changes that address this, as well as confirm steps it’s taking to handle deliveries moving forward.

To that end Uber Eats says it will be making deliveries free locally during lunchtime, 11:00 to 14:00, on weekdays in a bid to get more people to support their nearby restaurants, takeaways and businesses.

“We expect that meal delivery could also help support restaurants who may be seeing reduced sit-down guests where social interactions and gatherings have been discouraged,” the company explained in an email sent to users.

In order to receive your lunch time order with free delivery, Uber Eats says users must look out for the daily in-app billboard with the updated Promo Code. Then they must apply the code in the “Promotions Tab” to enable free delivery on any order placed between 11:00 and 14:00, for that day.

Shifting to what Uber Eats is doing in terms of COVID-19, the platform has added an option to the delivery, allowing users to add a note that tells couriers to leave food at your doorstep.

The company adds that it is working to give its couriers sanitisation materials, but has not noted when that will happen, or indeed how much material couriers will be given. Furthermore the firm stresses that food is not touched by hand once it has been packaged at the restaurant it was ordered from.

Uber Eats also notes that it will be providing financial assistance to its couriers should they be diagnosed with COVID-19, but again no specifics in this regard have been mentioned.

While we await clarity on both the sanitisation materials and financial assistance from Uber Eats South Africa, it is at least good to see the firm taking steps to protect its users and courtiers during this chaotic time of uncertainty.

[Image – Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash]

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