Updated Microsoft 365 subscription plans revealed alongside new social tools

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Microsoft 365 is not a wholly new offering, with it previously being an enterprise-level version of the Office 365 suite that most Windows consumer clients utilise.

That is going to change moving forward though, as new subscription plans for Microsoft 365 have been outlined this week, alongside a few new tools aimed at making social activities on the platform easier.

Perhaps more crucially, moving forward Microsoft 365 will replace Office 365 as of 21st April, and as such there will be three new subscription plans made available to users – Home, Business and Enterprise.

Each plan will have different tiers with varying degrees of access to features, functions and tools. Local information regarding this is still in the offing, and we’ve reached out to Microsoft South Africa for clarity as to what both new and current users can expect following 21st April.

For now, monthly pricing in the States starts at $6.99 (~R125) for personal and $9.99 (~R179) for family plans, with each affording access to one and six people respectively.

There are also some new social tools rolling out in the coming months for Microsoft 365, such as the Family Safety app which sends out notifications for when users leave specific locations, facilitating a tracking solution of sorts.

Added to this is more consumer-focused elements in Microsoft Teams, with users able to create social events and plan meet ups with others via the app.

Microsoft is adding features to some of its Office apps too in future, such as an enhanced editing for Word, as well as a coaching presentation function for PowerPoint, along with new data types for Excel.

As such this new Microsoft 365 update is about more than just pricing, with the firm aiming to make its platform equal parts social and work. Whether there is a balanced use of both once the change from Office 365 and new features get rolled out, remains to be seen.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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