Welcome to hell: Playing Doom Eternal on a Game Boy Color

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Back in 2017 maker Michael Darby impressed the world by playing PUBG on a Game Boy Color using a bit of cheating. Now he’s back with one of the fastest and more difficult games of recent memory in Doom Eternal.

Despite the “can it run Doom?” meme that has been circulating for decades, we’re not talking about the original game that can run on just about anything with a screen, but a new 2020 title that, while optimised, still needs some serious hardware to get going.

Because of that, as you may have suspected, Doom Eternal is not running on the original, wimpy Game Boy Color hardware. Instead Darby has gutted it out and installed a Raspberry Pi connected to a TFT screen.

To do the heavy lifting here a gaming PC with a Nvidia graphics card was used. Gameplay from here was then streamed to the Pi using the Moonlight software.

All that being said the controls on the Game Boy Color are still being used to actually play the game. A Python script is used to map the appropriate key presses and mouse inputs to the limited buttons on the face of the Game Boy.

Due to the limited number of button luxuries like fast movement, switching weapons and generally living to the end of a level are out of the window. Even beating the first three enemies in the tutorial level of the game proves to be a massive challenge here.

As always this is a fun project to see if something ridiculous is possible instead of an actual new way to play Doom Eternal or any other game.

A video showcase of the project is available below. Those interested in the nitty gritty to make this work, and maybe want to try it themselves, can find the details on Darby’s blog 314Reactor.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.