The rest of Rick and Morty season 4 arrives in South Africa on 4th May

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For season four Rick and Morty did things a bit differently by cutting the release in half and saving the final five episodes for a release later down the line.

Thankfully we now have a solid date for the rest of the episodes, and that starting on 3rd May if you’re in the US.

Thankfully for us in South Africa we will not have to wait long, as just 24 hours later the new content will be up for streaming on Showmax.

So what do we have to look forward to when the show returns? Thankfully a new trailer has been released to give us a taste, titling the second part of this season as “The Other Five”.

At less than two minutes in length the trailer actually tells us a lot about what we can expect to see, so maybe skip it and the rest of this story if you want to walk in completely blind.

The Council of Ricks, Snuffles / Snowball, and the absolutely hated Tammy are the big names when it comes to returning characters. This may indicate that The Other Five will be focusing more on overarching plot, but we’ll need to wait and see on that front.

While that is promising season four has failed to impress most with its original five episodes. While in many ways it has returned to the formula that made the show popular in the first place, it just came up a bit short to be well received. Here’s to hoping all the good stuff is weighted towards these later episodes.

If you’re new to Rick and Morty or missed the first half of season four, the entire show is streaming on Showmax right now. Any time you can watch the entirety of a show without the need to flip between streaming services is a win in our books.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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