YouTube reportedly working on a TikTok rivalling platform

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YouTube still remains the most popular platform when it comes to viewing content but in terms of user-generated content TikTok has gained some serious traction in the past year. It is perhaps unsurprising to hear then that YouTube is reportedly working on its own app and platform to rival that of TikTok’s.

According to a report filed by The Information (paywall), this new app would be called Shorts, which is easy enough to understand given the short-format nature of TikTok videos.

Interestingly, YouTube’s Shorts could take advantage of the fully licensed music available on the platform. As such it would open up more options in terms of the music that can be used than TikTok is currently able to, with only a selected portion of audio clips and songs available to content creators.

With YouTube wanting to integrate more of its platforms, evidenced by the numerous pop-up notifications that users get to sign up for YouTube Music or YouTube Premium, the addition of a TikTok rival could indeed stand the company in good stead moving forward.

This as The Information noted that TikTok was downloaded by 842 million first time users on both the Apple and Android marketplaces over the past 12 months, representing a 15 percent increase year-on-year.

That number is only set to increase, and YouTube understandably wants a cut of the action.

Whether it can encroach on the market that TikTok has already garnered for itself remains to be seen, but it would not surprise us if the firm tries to tie down popular TikTok creators to the Shorts platform in future.

For now the full details of YouTube’s plans remain unknown, but more information is likely to be forthcoming over the next few months.

Either way, the short-format video market is set to heat up, with Facebook also having its Lasso platform being tested quietly in select South American markets for now.

[Image – Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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