Making music online with these seven music-making tools

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Making music has never been easier. With the use of the internet and a few online tools, you can be making music just like the pros do. Web-savvy musicians have developed a vast range of apps or tools that you can use to unleash your creativity here.

There is quite a lot of equipment that seems to be needed. But at first, all you really need is a notebook specialising for making music you can find along with online resources that can help you along. In addition, some essential physical gadgets for DJs and musician are also necessary. If you are serious about your music career, it will be a worthwhile investment.

If you are aiming to create music by using online music-making tools, then you may quickly find your ambition waning as there are so many tools that you can use. However, there are some music-making online apps that you can use to let your creativity flow without restraint.

Making music online with music-making tools

If you are interested in making online music, then check out these online resources that may help you.

1. Audio Tool

This is one of the tools that provide you an online production studio like a true DJ would for mixing. It will make you feel like you are working in an actual studio and a well equipped one. There are all kinds of iconic gear that you get to test out and fiddle with as you learn how to use tools like TR-909s, TR-808s, and even the use of the TB 303’s. These are only a few of the cool things you can play with.

Using this app, you can customise your setup as much as you want so that you can play without needing to plug cables or tweak the knobs manually. Everything you do will be saved into the cloud for your convenience.

2. Online Sequencer

This sequencer is free on what you can find in your browser. You can choose from 13 different instruments and place them into the Sequencer so that you can make music according to any melody you desire.

Whenever inspiration strikes you, you can go ahead and write the song you want to play. The Online Sequencer will allow you to take your creations and take it out as a MIDI file, and then 

you will be able to import that file to your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and develop your song ideas.

3. Pitch Shifter

This free online program allows you to change the pitch of your audio files without even touching the tempo of them. What makes this program awesome is that it allows you to play with your samples and make them more interesting and unique, like you.

All your pitch-shifted samples and music can be saved in MP3 format for your listening pleasure. Furthermore, you can change the tempo of any of your music without affecting the pitch using the time stretcher tool.

4. Pattern Sketch

This particular program is an online drum machine. This machine is designed to be a sequencer and drum kit that allows you the power you need to create entire tracks. You can easily share your musical creations with your friends, and they can help you perfect your tunes with a simple invitation to collaborate.

Using this program, you can export your tracks simply in WAV, MP3, or even OGG. By exporting you will be able to share your music or keep it for your own enjoyment.

5. Oblique Strategies

The concept of Oblique Strategies was designed by a musician, Brian Eno. He was adventurous about his music and wanted to pioneer a more natural way for musicians to overcome writer’s block. Initially, this program was presented as a pack of various cards that held short sentences that would help you overcome the songwriter’s block.

The idea was to become more poetic and mysterious. You would be able to harness the power you need to think about an issue or dilemma with fresh eyes and mind. 

6. Autochords

When you are writing songs, this tool is going to be super helpful to you. Every once in a while, you need to have the tools available to you to help you get your songs started. Autochords will help you by offering chord progressions according to the keys and the mood you select.

Make your instrument choice between either a piano or a guitar to help you develop your chords. You will get the main progression that you can look at along with three other alternatives you can choose from. No matter what, you will be able to get your songs done.

7. Soundtrap

This program will offer a long list of available features that will enable you to create your music entirely online. All you need is to be able to create an account, and then you will have access to the entire Soundtrap studio. This will allow you to create new beats and patterns using a synthesiser or by inviting friends to collaborate.

[Image – Photo by James Owen on Unsplash]



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