Doom Eternal fans find humour amongst the gore

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Leading up to the release of Doom Eternal on 20th March you likely saw the internet filled with memes about the game crossing over with Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which released on the same day.

Fast forward a few weeks and, thankfully, the community is still pumping out clever jokes, custom animations, music and more based on the new game.

With it out in the wild and the community playing it endlessly since then, the jokes have also taken to including portions of the game that are either funny on their own, or born out of frustration or juxtaposition.

Because of this the rest of this story from here will contain minor spoilers for Doom Eternal. Key story elements, late game enemies and more will either be shown outright or linked to, so back away now if you still haven’t played the game and want to go in blind.

Our favourite of these must be posts created around that of the new demon, the Marauder. Not only is its introduction cutscene one of the defining moments of the game, but its difficulty as it pops up throughout the campaign make it a very memorable enemy.

Returning character Samuel Hayden is also a common theme here. He has probably the two most memorable lines of dialogue from Doom Eternal thanks to “you can’t just shoot a hole into the surface of Mars” and “the longer the Icon of Sin is on Earth the stronger he will become”.

Most of these posts are from Reddit because that’s where we spend way too much time, but you can find similar posts on just about every social media platform out there right now.

What’s it going to be for the Revenant? from r/Doom

The Oreo Slayer from r/Doom

Bonjour monsieur Slayer ! (sound) from r/Doom

They are only the publishers for Flynn’s sake from r/Doom

MOMRAUDERS from r/Doom

Hoagie from r/Doom

I, Doom Slayer, Have A Dream from r/Doom

haha court martial go boom from r/Doom

my reaction every time one shows up. from r/Doom

[Image /u/Zielwek]

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Clinton Matos

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