Doom Eternal soundtrack getting wider release in coming weeks

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A couple of days ago Doom Eternal developer id Software finally announced how we can experience the fantastic music of the game without actually playing it.

To that end the OST is now available, but only for owners of the collector’s edition of the game.

“CE owners: To download your Original Game Soundtrack, after redeeming your code please log into and check your Transaction History for the download links,” id Software states in a tweet.

The audiophiles out there will be happy to know that this version is lossless.

While that’s nice for those who spent a lot of money at launch, it does mean that the rest of us will need to wait a while for a wider release which is set to happen in the coming weeks.

The OST will be made available on many platforms with specific mention being made of Spotify and iTunes.

The now famous soundtrack of Doom 2016 was uploaded to YouTube complete with a hidden doot, so we’re hopeful that the music of Doom Eternal will be treated in a similar way.

Those on the impatient side waiting for the official upload will probably be looking for your djent fix elsewhere. To that end we have seen many third party uploads since the official launch for the collector’s edition owners, but we won’t be linking to it for obvious reasons. That being said, it is really easy to find.

From playing the game ourselves – read the review here – our favourite track is still the one you first hear when you boot up the game. We now know that the specific entry is self-titled to the game, so look out for it and the rest of the OST in the future. Hopefully id Software works on that upload sooner rather than later.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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