Doom Eternal’s in-game toys are being made real

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One of the many types of collectables in Doom Eternal are toys – chibi versions of the characters in the game which you can find while playing and display back at base. Since the game launched back in March players have been asking for these to be turned into real products, and now publisher Besthesda has done just that.

Known as the “DOOM Mini Figure Series”, several of the in-game toys will be represented in plastic. Exactly how many toys will be added to this series is unknown, but the first of them is of course the Doom Slayer / Doomguy himself.

As the figure is made of polyresin and is apparently hand painted, it seems that this series of toys is not a large factory production. Because of this the Doom Slayer figure is limited to five thousand units.

Unfortunately for those hoping for 1:1 scale here, these toys are much smaller than the ones seen in game, at least when comparing them to the relative size of what you see while playing. The Doom Slayer measures in at 82 X 64 millimetres and weighs around 80 grams.

Despite this diminutive size, this is on the pricey side. Pre-orders are open right now at $30 (~R556) and we’ve heard from some early customers that shipping is steep if you’re not in the US.

If that doesn’t deter you head on over to the Besthesda store where you can pay to get it later, as shipping for the figures only starts in August.

We’ve put the promotional images of the product into the gallery below, and you can see a 360 degree view of it in this video.

The next character we’d like to see in the Mini Figure Series is, of course, the much-memed Marauder. We may see Besthesda choose something else, however, as the Marauder is a bit too close in silhouette when compared to the Doom Slayer.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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