htxt.africast – Lockdown restrictions and how they will ease next week

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Before the long weekend hits it is time for yet another africast.

Starting with the news this week and there’s quite the varied cast. First up we talk about Amazon Web Services (AWS) finally making it to South Africa and the continent as a whole, complete with a Twitter mob demanding servers for Fortnite.

Next on the Agenda is Bionicle, that old LEGO theme that was so popular years ago. It’s getting a massive fan game in the future, should everything go right.

Finally we touch on Google to which has changed how it handles the identities of its advertisers.

Our main topic for this week, however, is the recently announced changes to the lockdown in South Africa. The strict rules will be lessened somewhat come 1st May as the country transitions into a multi-stage “alert level” system. The higher the alert stage the more stringent the lockdown is.

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