Warhammer 40K fan film Astartes releases part 5, the longest yet

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In recent years few fan projects have impressed as much as Astartes, a multi-part film project which has just reached its end with part five.

As a quick refresher or introduction to Astartes – it is an animated project released over the span of a couple of years on a YouTube channel of the same name.

This work made waves initially because of its immense quality that rivalled studio productions, and then for a wholly negative reason when the channel was compromised and in put into a position of possibly being deleted. Thankfully that was resolved back in December 2019 and now, in April 2020, we have part five.

At seven and a half minutes this is by far the longest of the pentalogy. The shortest of the group is just 51 seconds and the second longest is a hair over two minutes. With that in perspective and the insane amount of work that goes into making every frame look like a detailed desktop wallpaper is really put into perspective.

As for the story so far it’s a bit difficult to explain due to the fact that it’s intentionally vague and Warhammer 40K is so dense in background lore. Thankfully you can watch the four Astartes parts before now in less than five minutes and then come back for part five (embedded below).

In short there has been an uprising and the titular Astartes have been called in to sort things out. Astartes are Space Marines, hulking intergalactic knights that are genetically and cybernetically enhanced to be closer to a walking thank than a man.

Doomguy, Master Chief, Marcus Fenix and every other similar character in fiction can mostly trace their origins to Warhammer 40K’s concept of Space Marines.

Putting all of that aside another brilliant part of the Astartes series is that you can watch and enjoy it without any of this prior knowledge. The lack of dialogue and focus on physical communication really helps out here, so we encourage you to hit play on all five parts even if you’re not a Warhammer 40K fan.

If you took our advice and want to see more you may be disappointed that this will be the last video of its kind for the foreseeable future.

“This marks the end of this chapter of the Astartes project. What comes next? Well I’d love to continue! I have many 40k stories I’d like to tell and I already know where I want to take things next if the support is there. Also with the experience gained, raise the quality, enlist key help and bring episodes to you quicker!” Reads the video description.

While the initial film which put this channel on the map be over, we can’t wait to see more from the Astartes project.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.