Five series worth binging this long weekend

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With restaurant deliveries starting up again today and the icy bite of Winter nipping at our heels we can think of no better way to spend the long weekend than plonked on the couch with pizza and series.

Since lockdown began back in March we’ve had a lot of time to binge watch series and today I bring you a few suggestions from our vault.

We’re looking at Netflix, Showmax and Amazon Prime Video this time around as they are easily accessible in South Africa without need for a VPN or some other workaround.

The Terror – Amazon Prime Video

As far as horror goes this series which tells the story of Captain Sir John Franklin’s lost expedition to the Arctic to find the North-West Passage.

There is a fair amount of gore in this series but the acting is absolutely captivating. There is a second season which focuses on World War 2 but that season is currently not available.

The Terror is fantastic and you’ll struggle to pull yourself away from the couch.

Silicon Valley – Showmax

We know we’ve spoken about this show before but that the fact we’re bringing it up again should stand as testament to how good it is.

The final season is available on Showmax but we highly recommend watching from Season One even if you’ve watched the show before.

The finale of the series is expertly done and even if you only end up watching Season Six, we’re sure you’ll appreciate a humourous (and often scarily accurate) portrayal of the tech industry.

The Innocence Files – Netflix

A few weeks ago Netflix launched The Innocence Files, a docu-series about the Innocence Project.

At its core, The Innocence Project is to free those who have been incarcerate unjustly,.

The series looks at eight cases and there are moments that will shock you into silence and bring you to tears. It is absolutely incredible viewing and despite the problems presented, it gave us a bit of hope in these troubling times.

Coronavirus, Explained – Netflix

Looking to understand the pandemic that has forced us to sit indoors for the last month? Netflix released the latest episode of its Explained series last week that takes a look at the Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19.

The episode looks at what a pandemic is, how it spread and comment from experts.

It’s rather good if you’re looking for more information about the virus but we’d understand if you wanted to give it a miss.

Money Heist – Part 4

We’ve left this one for the end because we’ve been saving this for this long weekend.

For those that don’t know about this smash hit, Money Heist follows the story of plans to rob the Royal Mint of Spain and the events that follow which lead to a heist at the Bank of Spain.

This series is fantastic and we won’t spoil a thing here because you really should watch it yourself.

Generally we won’t get into the subs not dubs debate but Money Heist loses so much in translation from the dubbed version to the subtitles. Honestly, set your subtitle text size to the largest possible and enjoy the best storytelling you can imagine.

Oh, and the soundtrack is an earworm too.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz writes news, reviews, and opinion pieces for Hypertext. His interests include SMEs, innovation on the African continent, cybersecurity, blockchain, games, geek culture and YouTube.