Dimension Data investing heavily to grow its cybersecurity capabilities

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While most local enterprises are looking for ways of ensuring its employees are able to work remotely, Dimension Data is also thinking about some of its business objectives.

Following its move to place all sub-brands under one monolithic entity, now Dimension Data has turned its attention to cybersecurity, and specifically investing to enhance the capabilities of its dedicated SecOps team.

“Since its launch in December 2019, along with a very tight interlock with the NTT Security team, the Intelligent Security business has invested in significant platform and skills to support its efficiency and scalability for clients,” the firm explained in a press release sent to Hypertext.

“Scaling our capability to build and offer managed services was our most important initiative when embarking upon the development of this new business,” notes Mari-Louise Labuschagne, product development executive for Intelligent Security.

Labuschagne also notes that this new capability could prove a decisive differentiator for Dimension Data moving forward. Added to this is the fact that the ever-changing threat landscape means greater investment and innovation is needed when it comes to handling cybersecurity, which this announcement now aims to address.

Unpacking some of the elements of Intelligent Security, the product development executive says the key to providing managed security services is the ability to predict, respond and remediate in as short a time as possible.

In order to do so the firm has invested in its Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform using a range of deeply integrated technologies, according to Labuschagne.

“The SOAR platform has hundreds of standard integrations into different security technologies as well as catering for custom integrations. This allows us to support clients that have existing technology estates without having to invest in new technology. It also provides us with the scalability to provide services across multiple geographies across Middle East and Africa,” she adds.

“From an operational perspective we now have the platform to accurately assess and contextualize threat vectors resulting in the ability to respond to major security incidents rapidly,” Peter Pappas, executive of SecOps for the security business, points out.

As such, it should be interesting to see how clients respond to the newly enhanced offering from Dimension Data. With the monolithic move being done as an answer to client feedback, it looks like this announcement addresses another client need.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

When he's not reviewing the latest smartphones, Robin-Leigh is writing about everything tech-related from IoT and smart cities, to 5G and cloud computing. He's also a keen photographer and dabbles in console games.