Serious Sam 4: New trailers, release date and sale detailed

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After much waiting we finally have more details about Serious Sam 4. More than that we also have a new main trailer to watch and a sale on the entire franchise.

First up is the release in August this year. No exact day has been provided right now, but you can add the game to your Steam wishlist to get an alert for when that is announced.

Outside of Steam, Serious Sam 4 will also launch on the ailing Google Stadia platform which recently got a free two-month trial period. If that offer is still around come August it may be a cheaper way to play this new Serious Sam title.

Then there’s the trailer which doesn’t reveal much in its sub-minute runtime.

Finally there’s the massive sale which is taking place on Steam right now. If you head to the store page you will see a massive banner taking you to the landing page for Serious Sam 4.

There you will find a collection of unlisted videos from publisher Devolver Digital. We’re not sure why these were made more difficult to find by being unlisted, since they’re each longer than the trailer above.

You can watch the dedicated videos on combat, enemies, weapons, music and the Legion System by clicking on those links.

The Legion System is particularly interesting as it plans to populate certain levels in the game with thousands of enemies. This promises a rather ridiculous ten thousand enemies with performance still being “surprisingly fast”. We’ll have to wait to see how that will be implemented in the game without players being overwhelmed.

As for the sale itself discounts range between 25 percent and 85 percent, so you can save a decent chunk if you want to catch up with the series before August. See the entire sale here for the full details on each title. 

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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