Adult Swim picks up the slack for cancelled 2020 graduations

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, students around the world are saddened to see their graduations cancelled in an effort to try to keep everyone safe. In an attempt to make up for this Adult Swim has tapped up a collection of celebrities to record commencement speeches for for those affected, so they can get that graduation experience at home.

At the time of writing five of these speeches have been released so far onto the official Adult Swim YouTube channel. You can find all five embedded below.

Eric Andre, Maria Bamford, J.B. Smoove, Jena Friedman and Killer Mike (from Run The Jewels) have all had their turn so far. As you may expect from the amount of comedians here, the speeches do definitely have a humorous edge, but this is mixed in with some heartfelt messages to students.

Andre is of particular mention here. Besides being the first speaker uploaded in this series, he shares a story about what happened to him when he started his higher education. We’ve transcribed the relevant bit here:

“My first day of college was 9/11 and it was obviously a dark time and it was a weird way to kick off my adult life but we were all in it together, the whole student body, and we crept through that dark fog of misery together so I guarantee if I got through it – I’m just some schlubbo – you will get through this. Each generation faces its own challenges and this one is not easy and it’s a hell of a time for a pandemic. You will surmount and overcome, trust me, so follow you intuition, follow your gut and let this be an opportunity to persevere in the face of… a nightmare, a Black Mirror episode we’re all living in.”

After all of that Andre does then cut the tension with, “And you know what? Get somebody pregnant”.

Eric Andre

Maria Bamford

J.B. Smoove

Jena Friedman

Killer Mike

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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