Cybertruck, KITT, Futurama & more move closer to real LEGO sets

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LEGO Ideas, the platform where fan creations can be turned into retail public sets, has announced the latest batch of submissions that have been moved into the next phase of the process.

This means that all of the projects listed below have received ten thousand votes from the public, at which point LEGO does a cursory audit to determine if any of them would make good products.

Reaching this point means that LEGO has some degree of faith in the Ideas and will move to future steps such as talking to licence holders and rebuilding the sets where necessary.

Licenced Ideas seem to be popular here, as always. Tesla, Untitled Goose Game, Indiana Jones, Knight Rider, The Legend of Zelda, Futurama and many more are all represented here.

Our favourite of the bunch, however, is an original project. The working waterfall by user LEGOParadise has a complex mechanical system, all built out of LEGO of course, that simulates moving water with transparent bricks. See it in action here.

It’s basically those desktop water features, only buildable and without the constant worry of getting liquid all over your work surface.

All 26 of the projects, an unprecedented amount for LEGO Ideas, can be found in the list below. Click on them to be taken to their dedicated pages with images, descriptions and video.

If you’ve become attached to any of them all you can do now is wait for LEGO to announce which one(s) have been chosen to be produced.

If you don’t want to click through all of that a handy Twitter video has been released giving a brief look at all the potential sets:

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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