For a brief, beautiful moment the PlayStation Vita is relevant again

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A few hours ago the world got to see a bit more of The Last of Us Part II thanks to a State of Play video. In the nearly 24 minutes of gameplay we saw a lot, but what everyone is talking about is the PlayStation Vita.

At about 16 minutes into the video Ellie surprises an NPC who, in the future after an apocalypse, is still playing her PS Vita.

This console has a special place in the world of gaming due to the fact that it had some innovative hardware and software, but was kneecapped by expensive proprietary memory and next to no support from Sony.

The fact that the Vita has popped up again in this way – in the presentation of a flagship PlayStation exclusive game – has got people talking about the console again.

For those wondering the game that the NPC is playing is Hotline Miami. You can hear one of the game’s famous songs, Hydrogen by artist M.O.O.N., quite clearly too. This game actually did get a PS Vita port, something that the official Hotline Miami Twitter account made mention of recently.

You can see that response and a few others from the internet below. We love to see the popular Kaz Hirai parody account coming out of semi-retirement to post.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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