Reddit is a VOD platform made exclusively for horror films

As the local lockdown continues many South Africans are looking to digital platforms for content in order to stay entertained while stuck at home. For fans of the horror movie genre, and B-grade ones in particular, there is a new VOD platform on the market called

Billed as, “Africa’s first curated transactional video on demand service dedicated to horror, thriller, sci-fi and everything in-between,” is also independent from any studio, which means the aforementioned curated content is not bogged down by the same licensing issues as some streaming platforms are.

That said, the movies currently on offer are not the blockbusters one may be familiar with, but if you are a fan of the genre, there is still enough to explore on the platform. There are also some projects that have either been filmed or produced locally too, such as Last Ones Out, if you’re wanting something with a South African flavour.

Currently, the library of features 18 horror films, with the platform updating its catalogue every Tuesday and Friday.

“ curates films from the best horror producers both locally and around the world including Magnolia, Magnet Releasing, Black Mandala, Jinga Films, Kaleidoscope Distribution, Signature Entertainment, MPI and Film Seekers,” it adds.

As such it could prove a worthwhile platform for independent filmmakers down the line.

So how much does access to the service cost? At the time of writing the VOD model costs R25 per film or $1.70 for those outside of South Africa.

With the local market growing in terms of streaming services, and showing no signs of slowing down, it should be interesting to see how competes. Given how passionate horror movie fans are about the genre, perhaps this new VOD online platform can find its footing.

If you like your B-grade horror films, check it out here.


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