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HBO Max suffers first stumble as “currently available” list gets pulled

HBO Max launched exclusively in the US earlier this week, and only a couple of days into the streaming service‘s availability, and parent company WarnerMedia has had to make a significant change.

In comes in the form of the “currently available” list that the service features. This list comprises a number of exclusive, new and highly-coveted titles, but there appears to have been a discrepancy between the WarnerMedia has been advertising as available and what is actually found on the list.

According to The Verge, this includes titles like The Dark Knight, 13 Going on 30, The Matrix, and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Man of Steel, Gossip Girl, The Iron Giant and The West Wing.

The publication reached out to WarnerMedia for clarity on the situation and an unnamed spokesperson noted that the company is, “updating this section and will post again once it’s complete.”

As such there appears to have been a miscommunication as far as what is and is not available at launch, so it may simply be a case of the titles arriving later on the platform than expected.

That said, another curious issue is that of Justice League (not the 2021-scheduled Snyder Cut), which will be removed from HBO Max for a brief period, before being made available once again. Given that the DC movie universe will be one of the hottest properties available on HBO Max, this discrepancy seems a tad odd.

It’s not wholly new to the world of streaming services, with rights to films and TV series, as well as geolocation and region restrictions all impacting what is available on a platform at any given time.

CNN’s Parts Unknown food travel series with Anthony Bourdain, for example, was available on Netflix locally for a few months before being removed, and is set to return in a few weeks.

Either way it shows that HBO Max, like all streaming services, will have its teething problems. We only hope that it is sorted out if the service is ever planned for launch in South Africa.

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