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htxt.africast – Reopening of schools and distance learning

The world hasn’t imploded yet so that means there’s yet another new edition of the africast to listen to.

Starting off this week with some news snippets and we start with 5G. We’ve been given access to two devices capable of accessing this faster tech and we’ll have a report on the experience too. Next up is the Snyder Cut of Justice League. After all these years of rumours we finally know that it’s real and it will release in 2021. Capping off this section of the show is Eskom which has been implementing “load reduction”. The different between it and loadshedding is still a bit of a mystery though.

Our big feature this week is education and how it’s still trying to happen during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here in South Africa the lockdown continues but many education institutions at every level are slowly inching towards continuing the scholastic careers of countless students stuck in limbo. One institution, Unisa, has been looked at as an example here due to the fact that it has always been a distance education institution. Unfortunately, as we know first hand, Unisa has a lot of problems which have only been made worse by COVID-19.

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