htxt.africast – Trump VS Twitter

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2020, or the world, hasn’t ended yet, so that means another edition of the africast this week.

Starting off with some quick news we talk about Adult Swim and its online replacement for commencement graduation speeches featuring celebrities like Eric Andre and Killer Mike. The former even gets especially heartfelt talking about his own troubles at university. After that the aborted SpaceX launch is the next talking point followed by details about the Huwei P40 arriving in South Africa.

The main topic this week is social media. Donald Trump has come into conflict with his platform of choice, Twitter, after making false statements about mail in ballots. Twitter then decided to add a message about this topic and its facts, something the president didn’t take too kindly too. This incident brings up the age old question of what social media should be doing in the age of disinformation, and their status as arbiters of truth.

We also arrive at a point where we consider if all of this is even worth it. Maybe the time of social media should be coming to a close and we should look at something else. Something better even. Maybe the cancel culture Twitter has created should be used on itself and we should never think about the site again.

That’s a bit of a heavy bunch of thoughts for a Friday, isn’t it? Enjoy the weekend!

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