Massive changes headed to Destiny 2’s premium in-game store

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Destiny 2 players disagree on many things but something we can all agree on is that the model for Eververse, the premium in-game store, is bad.

The reasons for this are numerous but the key issues that we see popping up time and time again are that the pursuit of good looking armour and accessories is gone in favour of players paying for it and that they still aren’t able to customise their characters freely.

Over the last three weeks Bungie has used its This Week at Bungie updates to address player’s concerns and this week the Eververse was the topic of conversation.

All of the changes coming to the Eververse are planned for Year 4 of Destiny 2.

The first big change is the addition of a Transmogrification feature. Games like Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft, allow players to change the look of their armour to whatever armour they might have collected already without influencing the stats. Destiny 2 has a similar system in place with Universal Ornaments but it is limited to armour sets from Eververse that players have had to purchase or unlocked in the past.

But in Year 4 players will be able to turn armour they have collected into Universal Ornaments. That means that you can grind out Escalation Protocol for that sweet armour and have it turned into an ornament that can be applied to any armour set.

Players will be able to do this with “in-game effort” or silver. It’s unclear what this effort is. Bungie also has no expected time that this feature will be enabled aside from Year 4.

On the aspirational pursuit of armour (or rather ornaments usually obtained through Eververse) Bungie has said that moving forward this will be earned by playing the game.

“As an example: We removed the Eververse Armor from Season 11 and itemized it into an aspirational activity, because this is the right thing to do for the game,” wrote Destiny 2 game director, Luke Smith.

In addition to this power, items and vanity rewards will be added to Raids, Trials and Dungeons and aspirational activities will have at least one accessory (ghost shell, ship, sparrow) to pursue.

Trials will get new armour and new weapons every year and the next Raid will have new armour, weapons and Exotic accessories to chase.

But the best piece of news was waiting for us silently.

“Beginning in Season 12, we will no longer be selling ships, ghost shells, sparrows, or armor ornaments in Eververse that are visually based on themes from Aspirational Activities,” said Smith.

This is huge for the game and something players have been crying out for for ages. Why would I run the Raid for armour when I could just buy a cool looking ornament set? I wouldn’t and this change means players will be playing the game rather than balancing their budget.

Building the core

With all this talk of Raids and Trials, it’s easy to forget about the casual players who aren’t aspiring to take part in those activities.

Those players are taking part in Strikes, Gambit and the Crucible will see a new armour set added to the game. The armour has new geometry, decals and shaders related to the activity and new sets will be released each year.

In addition, each Season will introduce a pursuit weapon that can be earned by playing your preferred core playlist. This is huge.

As somebody who doesn’t particularly enjoy Crucible, being forced to grind that playlist to earn The Recluse for use in PvE content (because that’s where the weapon still shines) is silly. Being able to earn a weapon in Strikes or Gambit or Crucible is a realisation of the “play your way” motto Bungie is trying to realise.

What’s more is that players can earn Legendary ornaments for that weapon based on their preferred activity.

Other notable changes are Year 3 items for the Eververse being added to the Bright Engram earned from the Season Pass (that doesn’t seem to be going away) and being able to earn more Bright Dust by playing the game.

These are good changes but we’re hesitant to praise Bungie just yet.

The success of these changes hinges on how they are implemented and when. That having been said we’re glad Bungie is listening to players and implementing important changes.

[Source – Bungie]

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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