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Metro Exodus removes Denuvo and heads to GOG

A lot is happening with the PC version of Metro Exodus today as it shirks off Denuvo and becomes available on a new storefront.

Starting with the DRM, the 27th May hotfix for the title removes Denuvo from all the previous PC versions of the game. If you own the title on Steam, Epic Game Store or Xbox Game Pass for PC, it should have the software removed after an update.

The full changelog for this hotfix is available here and includes some smaller fixes including those for a saving problem on the Epic version of the game.

On to new things, however, and there’s another way to buy this game. GOG.com now has the game listed and it’s currently 50%.

This isn’t entirely out of the blue, however, as the new way to buy it are part of an anniversary.

“As part of our 10 Years Of Metro celebration, we have released the critically acclaimed Metro Exodus to accompany its brothers, Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux, on the GoG platform, DRM-free. If you have not had a chance to play this masterpiece yet – get your hands on it here,” reads the official announcement.

Metro 2033, the first game in the series, launched in March 2010 to kickstart this beloved franchise.

We have to imagine that Denuvo being removed from the other versions of the game were part of the GOG addition. As a massive part of GOG’s identity is a lack of DRM, this seems like a necessary change to have parity across the storefronts.

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