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Nintendo Switch collections for Borderlands & BioShock detailed

Back in March publisher 2K announced that three of its big franchises – Xcom, BioShock and Borderlands – would be coming to the Nintendo Switch in a trio of collections. Recently we got to see a bit more about these thanks to a pair of trailers for the latter two.

Both trailers, which are embedded below, are about as utilitarian as can be. Both subtitled “What’s Included”, the pair simply list off the games, DLC and extra bits of content you can expect should you buy them. This is all intercut with some gameplay.

That aside, it is a nice showcase for those still on the fence about them and we’re excited for some of what’s on offer here, even though we’ve played through every single title on other platforms.

Features such as the director’s commentary for BioShock Remastered should be nice to take in if you’re in the mood for another playthrough while on the go. Not many people are going to be on long trips right now, but it’s still welcome. We’re not sure about the jaunty music used over the grim nature of this series, however.

Finally it’s worth mentioning the weird way in which these trailers were released. A similar piece of promotion is missing for Xcom, and only the video for the Borderlands one has been posted on the official Nintendo YouTube account. Both videos below are from the 2K account.

We’re not sure why Xcom has been left out of the proceedings or why only Borderlands gets the boost from Nintendo. We can only assume more will be released in the coming days as the release date for these collections, 29th May, comes around.

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