PumPix are Spider-Man’s web shooters but with hand sanitiser

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The latest gadget to come out of the Wild West known as crowdfunding is PumPix – a wrist mounted sanitation spritzer that, well, is basically Spider-Man’s web shooters but filled with germ-killing liquid instead of web goo.

The design of PumPix is rather straightforward with a plastic body attached to a wrist band. The body features a reservoir for hand sanitiser and an activator that initiates a spray by pulling it back.

The device is made to work with any sanitiser you pour into it, so users don’t need to buy any proprietary cartridges or other types of refiles. The reservoir inside of each PumPix is 12 millilitres and said to allow for up to a hundred sprays before you need to refill.

The Kickstarter campaign for this idea went live recently with a seriously low goal of $5 000 (~R92 807). At the time of writing the campaign has made $10 208 (~R189 475) from 68 backers. That’s a bit odd to us as that means each of the backers contributed around $150 (~R2 784) to the idea, which seems high.

That aside the cheapest level to get a PumPix is at $29 (~R538). This gets you free shipping in the US where the product is planned to be made, and offers a saving over the planned RRP of $45 (~R835).

From there pledging more money to the campaign simply buys you more PumPix units but each one goes down slightly in price. It’s a basic bulk buy discount and there’s no special pledge amount to get you anything else.

At this point we have to give the necessary warning not to pledge any money you aren’t willing to lose entirely. With crowdfunding you may never get what you pay for, or whatever you do receive may not be what was advertised.

We’re also not medical experts over here so we can’t talk to the health factors involved here. Spend your money and use this product very much at your own risk.

It does look like a neat idea, however, and we’re sure lots of people will get a kick out of using it. We can also see fussy children who don’t want to use sanitiser doing so with what amounts to a toy they can wear.

If this does become a retail product we’d be floored if Disney doesn’t pick this up and make it an official Spider-Man-themed product. It just works so well and would further help adoption with kids.

The PumPix in action.
Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.