New planets, three expansions and the DCV – Bungie’s plans for Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 is a big game. Not only in story scope but physical size on your console or PC as well (no we’re not even acknowledging the three people on Stadia) and that has to change.

The trouble comes in, however, when players are itching for new content and if there is something we’ve learned about Destiny 2 players over the years it’s that they don’t like it when things get taken away.

For the reasons outlined above and many others mentioned during its reveal stream for the next Destiny 2 expansion, Bungie announced the Destiny Content Vault (DCV).

This mechanism will allow Bungie to “vault” content that isn’t actively visited by the player base aside from one or two instances. This means entire destinations within Destiny 2 will become unavailable starting in September of this year.

When the next expansion – Destiny 2: Beyond Light – launches on 22nd September, Mercury, Io, Titan and Mars will no longer be accessible through the Director. The Leviathan along with all of its activities will also enter the DCV.

Bungie notes that while strikes and other activities associated with a planet may be vaulted, weapons and armour won’t be. That means your Whisper of the Worm is safe, at least for now.

Bungie explains, “Warmind’s campaign represents only 0.3% of all time played in Season of the Worthy and yet the Warmind Expansion accounts for 5% of our total install size. This dramatic imbalance between player engagement and overall cost to maintain is found in a lot of our legacy content.”

However, players will get the new destination Europa as well as the Cosmodrome from Destiny 1 in return for the death of three planets.

Given that the raids aboard the Leviathan will no longer be available either, players will be getting a new raid on Europa and sometime in Year Four of the game The Vault of Glass from Destiny 1 will return.

Now, there was mention of a third raid but as of time of writing it’s unclear whether this will be new or an unvaulted raid.

The Director come September.

Beyond Light and beyond

This new, refreshed Destiny 2 will launch alongside the next expansion – Beyond Light.

The story so far features Eris Morn, Drifter and the Exo Stranger who had no time to explain why she had no time to explain. The trio meet on Europa where a Pyramid ship belonging to the Darkness has landed.

As part of the expansion a new element in Stasis will launch alongside Solar, Arc and Void. While players will be able to wield the Darkness at last, the element will also be woven into the game in the form of elemental damage.

Very little is known about Stasis at this stage so we’re keen to learn more.

But Bungie didn’t stop at Beyond Light.

In fact Bungie teased the next three expansions.

Each of the stories above will serve to tie up lose ends introduced throughout Destiny’s life with Lightfall being the eventual build-up the ends in a “moment” within Destiny.

Sure Beyond Light is exciting but given that The Witch Queen will deal with one of Oryx’s sisters Savathûn, who has been toying with players for years, we’re looking for a fast forward button to get to 2021.

All of this starts right now however with Season of Arrivals.

Those who decide to play this season will note a massive change to the Io sky box as well as a new seasonal event that seems to be building up to Beyond Light. There is also a new dungeon featuring The Nine.

You can read more about Season of Arrivals here including the new weapons, armour and quests that can be done before September.

Anybody hoping for a Destiny 3 then is out of luck, at least for now. Bungie was clear when it said it wanted a single evolving world back in 2019 and Destiny 2 appears to be that world.

More information about the next chapter in Destiny 2 can be found here and pre-orders for Beyond Light are now open.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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