Seinfeld and Home Alone to be turned into LEGO sets

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LEGO Ideas – the platform where fan creations have a chance to be turned into retail LEGO sets – has released its latest review results announcing a trio of new products. Seinfeld’s apartment, the McCallister house from Home Alone and a scale typewriter have all made the cut.

The biggest name here is arguably Seinfeld with this 30th anniversary project meant to replicate the famous apartment complete with minifigures of Newman, Kramer, Seinfeld, Elaine and Costanza.

While we’re sure fans will love this, it just looks too similar to the set created for the Big Bang Theory. Turns out open plan apartments made for TV sets are boring to look at.

The McCallister home is more substantial and features all the traps and famous scenes from the movie.

Our favourite of the bunch is the typewriter, and not just because we like to type. As you can see in this video it does have some functionality built in, but it’s a facade. We really hope the retail version has working keys which can more closely mimic actual typing.

Regardless of how you feel about these three choices, nine other great Ideas have been axed. They included sets from Futurama, The Legend of Zelda and even LEGO’s dead giant Bionicle.

As for the future, the exact build, piece count, price and release date of the three chosen sets will be revealed at some impertinent time in the future, closer to the respective retail release of each. If you want to see more of them before then, click on the images below to be taken to dedicated pages for each one.

What we do have a date for is the next review results. In Fall 2020 (we assume that’s the US Fall – September to December) we will learn which of these 26 Ideas will see the light of day. It’s another bunch of amazing projects including a Cybertruck, the Iron Giant, KITT and more.

Seinfeld 30th Anniversary by Brent Waller

Home Alone McCallister’s House by Alex Storozhu

Typewriter by Steve Guinness 

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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