Apple will reportedly announce switch to ARM chips for MacBooks at WWDC 2020

Apple is expected to announce its switch from Intel-designed processors to ARM ones for its MacBooks some time soon. A precise date for the announcement is unknown, but insiders aware of Apple’s plans have told Bloomberg (paywall) that it is likely to happen during the company’s annual WWDC event.

This year’s developer conference is happening virtually, starting on 22nd June, so there will be a little less pomp and circumstance surrounding the announcement.

This is not the first time that a switch has been on the cards for Apple and its MacBooks, but this latest report suggests that the move is all but a certainty, with consumers likely to see the first notebooks sporting ARM chipsets in 2021.

Bloomberg also notes that the ARM project will involve three different MacBooks, so we could see it in iterations like the Pro and Air moving forward. The same project has an A14 chip for the iPhone in the works too, which falls under the “Kalamata” designation, insiders tell Bloomberg.

As for why such a decision needs a formal announcement, as The Verge explains, developers will need to time to customise and tailor their applications and software to the new architecture, which means a few months of lead up time is required.

For those wondering why Apple is switching from a silicon manufacturer that many other notebook makers utilise, the company says its internal testing of MacBooks running ARM-designed chips have yielded better overall performance.

If that is indeed the case, it should be interesting to see whether Apple’s switch will prompt other loyal Intel customers to move to ARM too, or potentially offer both options on notebooks moving forward.

With Apple already acquiring Intel’s mobile modem division in order to make its own iPhone components, it looks like the pair will be working less closely together in future.

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