htxt.africast – Facebook’s inaction, state of disaster, and Kyocera on digital transformation

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The latest edition of the africast bookends a rather intense week for many. We start as always with a roundup of the most pressing news stories we covered over the past few days, and end with an enlightening interview with Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa.

Focusing on the news first, Brendyn Lotz and Robin-Leigh Chetty discuss Facebook and in particular what its CEO has been doing (or not been doing) with regard to president Donald Trump’s most recent comments.

After that we stick with the topic of protests in the US over the murder of George Floyd, and how game developers and studios have chosen to postpone any announcements at this time, so as not to draw any focus away from this important issue.

Next is the recent announcement that government has extended the national state of disaster until 15th June. Like many of the decisions taken of late, it leaves us with more questions that answers.

Now for the meat of today’s africast, in which we chat to manager of software solutions at Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa, Jaen-Pierre (JP) Lourens. We discuss how his firm has adjusted to lockdown and remote working, as well as the role that digital solutions will play in this era of the new normal moving forward.

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