Nando’s Kerbside Delivery Review: Fresh

I was asked to check out a new feature on the Nando’s app recently, namely the ability to collect my food from the store myself. It’s done using the new “Kerbside Delivery” option on the official Nando’s app, which involves an in-person collection at the store.

I found it to be a novel take on the typical fast food process, and one that works really well in a COVID context as it minimises contact with other humans.

However, a few kinks need to be ironed out.

In principle, the process is pretty simple:

The app itself looks really nice, and there’s one for both Android and iOS devices. Finding what I wanted and placing my order was a simple matter of reading the screen, making my choices, and heading to the checkout. No complaints there.

I chose to collect my order 1.5 hours after placing it, and I made sure to arrive about 10 minutes before the scheduled collection. Nando’s has created specific “Kerbside collection” parking spots for patrons to park in when collecting their orders, and they are clearly marked and easy to spot.

When you get to the restaurant, Nando’s wants people to tell the restaurant they’ve arrived by pressing on the “I’ve arrived” button in the app. I found, however, that the app’s interface needs some love: when I got to the restaurant and opened the app again, I struggled to find the “I’ve arrived” button.

I found it eventually, but I had to go into the app’s menu, navigate to my profile, find my order history, and only there did I find what I was looking for.

Point is, on having placed the order, the app didn’t place an easily visible icon on the app’s main screen or in my phone notifications that I could click on that would take me straight to my order. I know navigating menus to find what I need isn’t exactly rocket science, but it’s not intuitive, either.

On notifying the store that I was there to collect, it took less than five minutes for someone to come out to my car with my food. I had chosen to pay at the store rather than on the app; unfortunately, the card machine they used took a good few minutes to complete the transaction as it waited for a solid connection.

In hindsight, I should have paid on the app – the collection process would have been far faster. That’s not Nando’s fault, of course, it’s the card machine provider’s, but it is a part of the “Kerbside Delivery” experience and as such there’s room for improvement. I recommend paying online to avoid having the same thing happen to you.

The best part of getting Nando’s this way is that my food was still warm when I got home, as opposed to it being cold like it sometimes is when ordering through a delivery service.

Am I going to use the Kerbside Delivery option again in the future? Yes I am, but I will do it differently and rather pay online before collecting. I’ll also know exactly where to go to find my order in the app’s interface. I do hope they update it to make finding the I’ve Arrived button a little easier, though.

So yes, it’s a handy expansion to the Nando’s app’s functionality, and a considerate one at that. If they iron out those minor issues in future updates, I am sure it will see wider adoption by Nando’s fans.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I paid for the food I ordered that night out of my own pocket; I have not been compensated in any way for this review.

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