Sea of Thieves has a Very Positive first day on Steam

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It’s been about a day since the Xbox Game Studios title Sea of Thieves docked on Steam and it has been received rather well by this new crop of players.

At the time of writing 835 reviews have come in for the title with 88 percent of them being positive. This means that Sea of Thieves is currently sitting with a “Very Positive” overall rating on the platform.

Reading some of the reviews and, as expected, there’s a lot of players who have come from other platforms to sing the praises of the title. The fact that Sea of Thieves can be played at no additional cost for Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers also means that some of them have converted to Steam customers as they seek a permanent copy of the title should their subscription lapse.

As for negative reviews most speak of problems that are intrinsic to the game and not this platform’s version, such as the fact that the experience is deadened if you’re playing on your own. Everything is better with friends but Sea of Thieves really is made for a co-op experience.

In terms of more objective things the price has been a sore spot for many. The local pricing for the game is actually rather good at R219, but the US pricing (which usually influences prices in other countries) is set at $40 (~R681).

This game originally released in March of 2018 so the logic here is that it should have received a discount when it made the move to Steam. Compounding this is the previously mentioned Xbox Game Pass for PC, which usually has specials getting you a month or more of the service for just $1.

As for where you’d like to play it and how much you’re willing to pay will be up to you, but for now the general feeling is one of for Rare’s pirate game to arrive on Valve’s store.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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