You can now get your Dead Cells fix on Android

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In a sea of roguelikes Dead Cells has managed to carve a niche for itself thanks to its great combat and metroidvania elements. After years of impressing on PC and console, the game has now launched on Android.

The game is up on the Google Play Store right now where it is a paid app. Right now it’s selling for R139.99 with a 10 percent launch price discount.

“In other news, our friends over at Playdigious have successfully launched their port of Dead Cells onto Android! So if you fancy playing Dead Cells on the go then check out the listing on the Google Play store. The port has custom controls, external controller support and there’s no ads or P2W mechanics, so none of the usual mobile game BS will ruin your Dead Cells runs,” Says original developer of the game Motion Twin.

You can see some of the on-screen custom controllers in the screenshots on this page. From reading early reviews of the port the consensus seems to be that the screen controls are decent, but you’re much better off grabbing a real controller.

After putting so many hours into the 1.0 release on PC, we have to recommend that too given how difficult this game can get.

1 811 reviews have been left on the Android port so far with the average score coming in at four and half stars out of five.

if you’ve never played the game it comes highly recommended but we’re not sure the Android port is the best way to go. We recommend picking it on PC or console (it’s available on the big three – PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch) and then moving to Android if it really hooks you and you’d prefer to play it there.

The “other news” Motion Twin mentioned above is the 1.9 Alpha patch which was just released a few hours ago. It’s a mix of bug fixes, quality of life changes and rebalancing, the standard update stuff.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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