Destiny 2 players can earn a gaudy Raid Ring in Moments of Triumph

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Every year Bungie hosts an event in Destiny 2 known as Moments of Triumph.

During this event, players are tasked with completing content from throughout the year, except for 2020, the focus is on Raids.

While there are other activities to do such as completing 20 Strikes or winning seven Trials of Osiris games (good joke there Bungie), the main focus is on Raids.

With Io, Mercury, Titan and Mars leaving the Destiny 2 Director with the release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, a number Raids will be leaving as well.

Those Raids are:

  • Leviathan
  • Eater of Worlds
  • Spire of Stars
  • Crown of Sorrow
  • Scourge of the Past

With that in mind Bungie is giving players a bit of incentive to run these older Raids with Moments of Triumph.

Complete all five of those Raids and you will be eligible to purchase this gaudy Raid Ring which has the inscription, “We walked to the end of the world and beyond” on the inner band.

To further encourage players to enter Raids, the weekly reward limits for the five Raids above have been removed.

That means that instead of the usual three chances to get gear, you now have as many as you like. That having been said, Bungie has said that secret chests will continue to have a reward lockout.

For players who have been hoping for the Exotics Anarchy and Tarrabah to drop from Scourge of the Past and Crown of Sorrow respectively, now is the perfect time to grind out some Raid completions.

There is of course the usual Moments of Triumph T-shirt you can unlock for purchase by completing 15 triumphs but the real gem is actually found in game.

That gem is the Luxurious Toast emote which usually drops randomly after completing the first encounter in the Spire of Stars Raid. By simply completing the Raid (which is not actually all that simple) you will unlock both the shader tied to the Raid and the aforementioned emote.


We know that the weapons from many of these Raids are useless now, most notably from Leviathan as the weapons are Static, rather than Random rolls. That having been said, these Raids are well worth playing if only to see how ambitious Bungie is when creating these spaces.

We’ve included Raid guides for each of the five Raids below:

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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