LEGO teases brick-built NES

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LEGO has teased something rather special: an NES that you build instead of playing on.

This by way of an extremely short, and also very dark, video which is embedded below.

For some this may not be a big surprise. Earlier this year LEGO delighted many fans by finally fulfilling their requests of working with Nintendo.

The pair have since announced and released a range of LEGO Super Mario toys which incorporate elements of the videogames by utilising a special electronic Mario that can read special LEGO bricks and convey gameplay through screens and a speaker.

These toys are already out in some parts of the world and you can read our interview with their designer here.

Many speculated that this was just the start of the partnership between the two and this has been correct.

This teaser has also not been a surprise because of leaks. We won’t link to it here, but if you look at the embedded tweet above on Twitter, you may see some replies of the set with better lighting so you can make out the details.

LEGO has been blocking or deleting these images, but we’ve seen them and can tell you about it.

As you can make out from the darkened teaser the planned set, or sets, is an NES, an NES controller, a Super Mario Bros. cartridge and an old CRT TV.

The scale here is wrong as the NES is close in size to the TV. This leads us to believe that the NES will be closer to 1:1 scale, but as LEGO seldom makes any sets at full size, so we doubt this is true.

The TV is especially interesting as it features a scene from Super Mario Bros.. While the leak is rather low resolution it looks like this scene will be built from bricks instead of being a sticker or a print, which would be rather interesting.

With the leaks out for a while and this teaser officially revealing things we should see some proper images, and have more information, soon.

UPDATE: The set has now been officially revealed. See details on the unofficial LEGO database Brickset or in the trailer below. It will sell for R3 799.99 in South Africa.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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