Assassin’s Creed Valhalla looks a lot like The Witcher

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A few hours ago 30 minutes of gameplay for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla leaked onto the internet. As we’ve seen precious little of this game since its announcement, this is the first big look at how the game works.

The beginning section of this leak, where the player character Eivor is riding around a village and fighting some wolves, looks straight out of The Witcher 3. We’re not sure if it’s the lighting or the fact that it reminds us of White Orchard, but it would be easy to mistake the two.

Similar mechanics like summoning your horse and using an ability to highlight enemies further helps the comparison. A bit different is the “cinematic camera” you can switch to when riding, which usually leads to your horse violently running down NPCs.

After this the gameplay switched to a siege on a castle to rescue a prisoner. After blocking some fire arrows as you approach on a boat you assist a landing team with knocking down fortification using a battering ram.

Eivor can also assist the siege by using wall climbing to get over the defences and weaken the enemy forces stopping the assault. This is the most assassin-like action that happens in the leak as the rest is run of the mill third person melee combat.

After defeating a boss with a big flaming sword we’re shown some customisation and inventory management, as well as exploration where treasure can be found by looking behind movable shelves. Riveting stuff.

While it would be rather unfair to judge a game by unfinished and leaked footage, there’s just not much to get excited by here. Valhalla is shaping up to be another standard Assassin’s Creed game that borrows from The Witcher and maybe even For Honor when it comes to the siege.

We’ve embedded a YouTube upload of the full leak below, but just keep in mind that these are being taken down or removed periodically. If the embed dies search for another on YouTube or use these links for Streamable. At this point there’s been so many re-uploads that we doubt this leak will go away.

If you’re still left wanting for more of the game after that half hour, consider 3D printing one of the weapons from the game. 

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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