Here’s the first look at the Avengers ‘Art of the Game’ book

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Marvel’s Avengers, the upcoming AAA brawler from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics, will have an accompanying art book which you can now view a tiny portion of.

Appropriately named “The Art of the Game” features 192 pages and launches 4th September in the UK and 8th September in the US. The rest of the world will likely get it closer to the latter date, if at all.

“Marvel’s Avengers: The Art of the Game features intimate studies of the Avengers, their designs, outfits, gear, and abilities, plus a detailed look at the different environments and missions in the game. Unmasking the artistry behind the hotly anticipated videogame, this showpiece hardback book contains exclusive concept sketches, character art, storyboards, and fully rendered scenes alongside fascinating insights into the creative process from the talented creators of the game,” reads the book’s description.

The revealed part of the book is the cover featuring the main playable characters fighting off some AIM enemies. Of particular note here is Captain America and the Hulk featuring some added armour you don’t usually see the pair sporting.

In-game this is, of course, linked to the loot and gear systems. Hunting for new items seems to be a massive part of Avengers much to the chagrin of a certain set of players. We’re holding off judgement until the various betas open up so we can at least play the game before judging it.

Those wanting to pick this book up can do so for $39.95 (~R655) in the US and £29.99 (~R625) in the UK.

Strangely, for those wanting to spend even more money, buying the more expensive collector’s edition does not get you an art book of any kind. Art books are a common inclusion in collector’s editions, but for this game you’ll have to settle for a statue of Captain America and a few other items.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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