Learn about crypto with Paxful and you could get a share of R100 000

Cryptocurrency, the biggest thing in 2017, seems to have fizzled out and died if you aren’t involved in that space.

Of course, the cryptocurrency market is still very much alive, and depending on who you ask, thriving.

Seeing as we’re all still under lockdown here in South Africa, Bitcoin marketplace Paxful wants to take the time to teach folks about cryptocurrency starting today.

The following workshops will be available throughout the remainder of July and August.

You can find what webinars are happening when along with links, down below.

So how does one get a slice of that R100 000 we mention in the headline?

Quite simply, you need to be one of the first 1 000 participants to register for any of the webinars above. Should you do that you’ll qualify for R100 in prize money.

Sure, it’s not a lot but if you’re looking to start investing in cryptocurrency, R100 of money that isn’t yours is a pretty safe bet.

“We are extremely excited to be able to help people utilise their entrepreneurial skills to identify new opportunities and job possibilities within the blockchain and crypto space during these difficult times. The Bitcoin economy is worth billions of dollars and represents a significant opportunity for African youth in particular,” said Paxful co-founder and chief executive officer, Ray Youssef.

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