Marvel’s Avengers reveals details for second War Table and beta

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The Marvel’s Avengers game hosted its first War Table livestream event back in late June, and we now have details for the next one together with more details about the beta.

On 29th July at 10:00 PDT the second War Table stream will kick off. It’s available to watch on the Avengers website or the dedicated YouTube channel.

The first War Table was an overview of the game’s various mechanics and its setting, but the second stream will have a more singular focus – the beta.

The beta has been touted for some time now so it’s good that we finally have some solid details and dates for it. Unfortunately it’s not just a case of starting on one day and ending on another, as it’s something of a tiered programme with requirements at each level.

The relevant dates and requirements can be found below:

  • 7th August: PlayStation 4 players who have pre-ordered the game.
  • 14th August – 16th August: All PlayStation 4 players.
  • 14th August – 16th August: PC and Xbox One Players who pre-ordered the game.
  • 21st August – 23rd August: Open beta for everyone on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Aside from the above stipulations a Square Enix account will also be required to access the beta. To try and tempt people even more those who sign up will receive an in-game nameplate featuring Thor for the final game.

With the beta period only lasting a couple of days for most we have to hope that the download isn’t too large, or that some pre-load system is in place.

“On July 29, the second Marvel’s Avengers War Table will give the most complete look to date at what players can expect from the game’s upcoming beta program, which launches August 7. Fans can anticipate several exclusive new videos that will dive deep into the content that will be included in the beta, as well as insight about the design and creation of Marvel’s Avengers. Attentive viewers may also spot hidden details inserted to whet their appetite for future content and announcements,” Reads a press release sent to us.

The original War Table was around an hour long but, thankfully, the main parts of the stream were released as shorter videos so you wouldn’t have to sit through the whole thing if you just wanted the highlights.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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