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Microsoft to showcase upcoming Xbox Series X titles on 23rd July

If you have been following anything to do with the gaming industry of late, you’ll now that it is currently the Summer Game Fest, which means developers and publishers alike are showcasing the latest and forthcoming offerings online.

Microsoft is doing the same, with the company already announcing that downloadable demos will be made available to Xbox One players this month, but added to that will be a standalone live streamed event focused on the Xbox Series X.

Said event is scheduled to take place on 23rd July at 18:00 local time, with a number of titles destined for the next-gen Xbox Series X said to be on show. According to reports, the star of the show as far as titles go, will be Halo Infinite, but there are hopes that the number of studios that Microsoft has acquired in recent years will also have something worthwhile to preview too.

With Sony having already revealed its PlayStation 5 console, as well as the games that will launch alongside it, there is still scope for Microsoft to impress players with what it has been working on, especially as the days following Sony’s event resulted in new title details emerging that left us a little wanting.

If Microsoft can announce a few more exclusive titles for the Xbox Series X that will launch at the same time as the console does, it would certainly give the company a head start on its Japanese competitor.

It would also be worthwhile to get actual in-game footage for titles on the next-gen console, as well as some technical information, as both elements were slightly lacking from the PS5 reveal.

Another important element we’d like to get information on is a precise launch date, not just in the States, but other parts of the globe too, as well as how much the console will cost.

Whether any of the above will come to fruition remains to be seen, but we remain hopeful.

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