Sony reveals what boxed PlayStation 5 games will look like

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As we get closer to the holiday season of 2020 and the release of the next generation of consoles, Sony has shared what the boxed retail look will be for the PlayStation 5.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales has been used as the example here. Just like the name of the PS5 and its logo, there’s not much of a surprise here. We’re sure design experts can pinpoint some minutia in the exact colours, fonts and layout, but it really looks like the blue bar at the top seen on PS4 boxes is now white.

This of course will match the PlayStation 5 itself which, in its hero design, is mostly white with blue and black detailing.

“A quick update for our fans — here’s your first look at the box art for PS5 games you’ll be seeing on store shelves this holiday, starring Marvel Super Hero Miles Morales. Any thoughts on the new look?,” said Sid Shuman, Senior Director, Content Communications at Sony Interactive Entertainment.

As one of the PlayStation 5’s big features is the release of a disc-less Digital Edition on day one of the console’s release, you’d think that the design of a box wouldn’t be that important.

That being said markets like ours still have a large focus on physical games due to factors like slower internet and a desire to trade in games once they’re finished with them. With both console hardware and software recently going up in price – most obviously with the Nintendo Switch – we will have to see how South Africans prefer to buy their games.

As Sony continues to drip feed us information about their new console here’s hoping a release date and price will be announced soon.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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