You can use the Hulkbuster in the Avengers beta

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The second War Table, a streamed event to showcase the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers, had a big focus on its forthcoming beta, and a welcome surprise in it will be access to the Hulkbuster.

In the original War Table in July the Hulkbuster was teased by way of some concept art shown off in the credits, but no information was given to use besides that.

We now know that the suit will be Iron Man’s ultimate attack and feature moving and rocket gauntlets much like the variant from Age of Ultron. Instead of saving it for the main game the Hulkbuster will be accessible right from the beta.

This early access to the game, which is taking place throughout August, will feature 20 missions as well as the opening event on the Golden Gate bridge that ends with a Taskmaster boss fight.

After finishing with the opening mission you’ll have access to more content which can be played in single player or online co-op. The co-op with AI has been touted as a unique experience as the characters you decide not to play will still be using the unlocks and customisation that you’ve set for them.

Another big surprise for the stream was Hawkeye, who will be added to the game after launch. This version of the character will be based off of the ever popular My Life as a Weapon arc and we’re happy to see that they went with a no hair look here after the terrible Jeremy Renner style we had recently.

Even for those who don’t care for Hawkeye should be excited as the developers have promised he’s the first of new playable heroes to be added to the game post launch in what they call the Avengers Initiative. More heroes, missions and other content are promised to be added to the game for free.

Last and least is yet another Fortnite crossover. Hulk Hands, and Hulkbuster Hands, will be made available in Fortnite for players who complete certain missions in the Avengers beta.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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