Fall Guys offers companies in-game costumes by way of charity

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Wildly popular obstacle course battle royale Fall Guys has announced the opportunity for brands to be represented in the game. Instead of just scooping up money for the opportunity, its developer instead wants interested parties to donate to charity.

On Twitter the official Fall Guys account has announced that any company wanting to take part should reply to this tweet with a an amount for the highest donation it is willing to make. After two weeks the highest amount will win and things will go from there.

“We will DM to confirm any boring legal paperwork, and then after they donate, we’ll post it publicly to confirm! If we decide that your brand is offensive/unsuitable, we will yeet your pledge out and pick the next highest,” reads a followup.

The charity in question is Special Effect, a UK-based organisation that focuses on helping those with physical disabilities to get into gaming by using custom hardware and software. 100% of the money from this endeavour will be going to Special Effect.

This announcement has been up for a few hours now and the following brands have replied with the amounts each are willing to donate.

While the intention here was for companies to get involved some individuals have also offered up large amounts of money, and some are even donating to Special Effect regardless.

While Nutaku, a PC games platform focusing on sex games, made the biggest offer by far, it has already been disqualified. Or, to use the exact phrase that the Fall Guys reply did, yeeted.

As far as we can see Warframe has the highest bid so far, but it wants to do something of a combo deal with Rivals of Aether. Both games have mockups of costumes ready – you can see the Warframe one below and the Rivals of Aether option above.

EDIT: Bidet company TUSHY is now leading with a $40 00.01 donation. 

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.