Every Strike, Raid, Exotic, Catalyst and Map heading to the Destiny 2 Content Vault

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When Destiny 2: Beyond Light launches in November a lot of content that is currently in the game will be gone.

“Gone” in this case means put into something Bungie has called the Destiny Content Vault (DCV).

This DCV will serve as a way for Bungie to both decrease the amount of storage space the game takes up and take some content out of the game with a view to bringing it back at a later stage.

When the DCV was announced we created our own list of things you should do before destinations are retired, but now Bungie has detailed every bit of content destined for the DCV in November.

While we already knew that Mercury, Mars, Titan, Io and The Leviathan (along with all of its activities) would be vaulted, a new entry has made its way onto the list, The Farm. Truth be told this destination is pointless nowadays unless players are still grinding through The Red War campaign. There is, however, an Exotic quest tied to this destination that we will touch on later.

The following activities will no longer be available as of 10th November:

  • Gambit Prime (Gambit and Gambit Prime will be merged into a single Gambit game mode)
  • The Reckoning
  • Escalation Protocol
  • Black Armory Forges: Bergusia, Izanami, Volundr and Gofannon
  • Zero Hour
  • The Whisper
  • Crucible Game Modes: Supremacy, Countdown, Lockdown, Breakthrough, Doubles, Momentum Control and Scorched
  • Nightfall (Nightfall playlists will be replaced by Nightfall: The Ordeal)
  • Niobe Labs
  • The Menagerie
  • Prophecy Dungeon
  • The Tribute Hall

New Light players who enjoyed the free campaigns The Red War, Curse of Osiris and Warmind should finish those campaigns up before 10th November as they will be vaulted along with the Season of the Forge, Season of the Drifter and Season of Opulence content.

The following raids are confirmed to be leaving Destiny 2 come November:

  • The Leviathan
  • Eater of Worlds
  • Spire of Stars
  • Scourge of the Past
  • Crown of Sorrow

Weapons, weapon quests and Catalysts

As many destinations are heading to the DCV, that means a large number of weapon quests won’t be available any more. What is important to note is that quests which aren’t complete i.e. quests you have not obtained the reward for, will be removed from your inventory.

This means things like On the Comms for the Legend of Acrius quest will be removed completely come 10th November.

The quests and associated weapons slated for removal include:

Quest Name
Exotic Weapon
Relics of the Golden Age Sturm
Sight, Shoot, Repeat. MIDA Multi-tool
Rat King’s Crew Rat King
Legend of Acrius Legend of Acrius
Nodes and Protocols Sleeper Simulant
Nascent Dawn Polaris Lance
Cayde’s Will Ace of Spades
The Cleansing The Last Word
A Butterfly’s Grace Le Monarque
A Giant’s Might Jotunn
A Mysterious Box Izanagi’s Burden
The Essence Thorn
Bearer of Evil’s Past Lumina
A Scrap of Paper Truth
The Other Side Bad Juju


Earlier in this piece we mentioned The Farm and an Exotic quest tied to that location. That Exotic is Outbreak Perfected and should you still not have that weapon now is the time to challenge yourself.

Not only is Bungie removing the destinations for a number of secret weapons in the game, those weapons won’t be acquirable for the foreseeable future. Take note of the following weapon rewards being removed in November.

  • Zero Hour – Outbreak Perfected
  • The Whisper – Whisper of the Worm
  • Scourge of the Past – Anarchy
  • Crown of Sorrow – Tarrabah
  • 35 Latent Memories on Mars – Worldline Zero
  • On the Comms – Legend of Acrius

Some of these quests or weapons might return at a later date according to Bungie.

“We still want new and existing players to be able to earn these legacy Exotics, so starting in Year 4, any Exotic tied to a quest that has been Vaulted (like those listed above) will now become available through a new Memorial kiosk situated among the Vault kiosks in the Tower. We’ll have more information later this Season on how the Exotic Archive works, and how to earn any Exotics that you don’t get your hands on before Year 4,” the developer said.

Now, the keen eyed among you might’ve spotted that with the retirement of certain destinations, some weapon Catalysts may not be acquirable after 10th November and you’d be right.

While the Catalysts themselves are not being retired, players will have to complete the Catalyst objectives BEFORE they are vaulted.

The Catalyst you will no longer be able to earn include:

  • Bad Juju
  • The Huckleberry
  • Izanagi’s Burden
  • Legend of Acrius
  • Polaris Lance
  • Skyburner’s Oath
  • Sleeper Simulant
  • Telesto
  • Outbreak Perfected
  • Whisper of the Worm
  • Worldline Zero

“If you have these catalysts already equipped and their objectives completed, you can continue using them at your leisure. If you already have any catalysts with an asterisk, make sure you finish completing the necessary objective to apply it as the objective will no longer be available at the end of Season of Arrivals,” warns Bungie.

One final note about weapons. Should you still have quests for Pinnacle weapons such as Mountain Top, Luna’s Howl and the like, those quests will be removed from your inventory on 10th November if they aren’t completed and the reward isn’t claimed.

Crucible and Gambit Maps, and Strikes

With Destinations being retired one would think that the associated Crucible and Gambit maps would be retired and while that is the case for some, it isn’t for others.

For example, Altar of Flame will remain in the Crucible map rotation as its a good map despite Mercury being vaulted.

Thankfully, Vostok is being put into the DCV, hopefully never to see the light of day again. Sorry, we just REALLY hate that map.

The following maps will be removed from the Crucible rotation:

  • Meltdown
  • Firebase Echo
  • Eternity
  • Solitude
  • Legion’s Gulch
  • Retribution
  • Equinox
  • Gambler’s Ruin
  • Vostok (good riddance)
  • Emperor’s Respite
  • The Citadel

Gambit will also no longer feature the treacherous Kell’s Grave or the Cathedral of Scars maps.

Along with the destinations, the following Strikes will also be vaulted in November:

  • A Garden World
  • Tree of Probabilities
  • Savathûn’s Song
  • Pyramidion
  • Festering Core
  • Strange Terrain
  • Will of Thousands

Should there be any unique Nightfall rewards you need from these Strikes now would be the time to grind those out when they come into rotation.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we will be saying goodbye to a number of vendors. Whether these vendors will be woven into Destiny 2’s lore in some other way is unclear. Insofar as Ana Bray is concerned, we’re hopeful to see her return, especially seeing as Rasputin is “dead” and Bray’s sister is set to make a return in Beyond Light.

Another NPC we’d like to see return is Brother Vance. While the Mercury vendor has become somewhat important to the story this season so we are hopeful that the Osirian devotee comes back to worry us a bit more.

We bid farewell to the following vendors come 10th November:

  • Ada-1
  • Benedict-66
  • Werner-99-40
  • Ana Bray
  • Sloane
  • Asher Mir
  • Brother Vance
  • Visage of Calus

This is a lot of content and we’ve spotted a fair few things we need to complete before Beyond Light arrives.

The good news is that now that the release has been delayed we have a lot more time to grind for the missing pieces from our Collection.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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