Amazon pages appear for Hot Pursuit remaster, Skyward Sword on Switch

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Recently store listings on Amazon UK seem to have revealed two games which were previously unannounced: a remaster of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and an Nintendo Switch port of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

At the time of writing the store page for Skyward Sword is still available at this link. The game is priced at £69.99 (~R1 590.82) and has a placeholder release date of 1st January 2030.

We’ve also taken a screenshot of the page but, should the link above be deleted, the Amazon Standard Identification Number is B07DM9YX4W. No images accompany the sparse page so we don’t get to see any box art or screenshots.

While we wouldn’t be surprised to see Skyward Sword on the Switch we wouldn’t get our hopes up either. It seems that every other week there’s some kind of leak like this for Mario, Metroid or another big Nintendo franchise. After a few days the game listings disappear (if they ever existed) and nothing is ever officially announced.

As for Need for Speed the Amazon UK pre-order page for Hot Pursuit Remastered has been removed already. Luckily DSOGaming still has the old link for the listing should it go live again, and it captured this screenshot correctly guessing that the page would be taken down.

It’s much cheaper than Skyward Sword at £34.99 (~R794,90) and listed for both the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

The store page looks much like the one for Skyward Sword, with little information and no pictures to speak of. What sets it apart is a more realistic release date of 13th November.

If we were the betting type we’d put money on Hot Pursuit Remastered coming to fruition. EA just recently released a remaster of 2008’s Burnout Paradise, so a similar treatment for a 2010 Need for Speed game makes as much sense.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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